Live Video over social media gives you an instant visual connection with your customers and clients in a way never seen before. Facebook and YouTube prioritize live streams over pre-recorded/uploaded content. Most viewers will watch a live video through mobile devices, so you have an immediate reaction to your content.

In addition, live videos are simple to set up and record. You can use your mobile device and nothing else if you like, though using an additional stabilization device (like a selfie stick or tripod) is preferable to prevent jarring from the viewer’s perspective.

Here are some general tips for successful live videos:

  1. Prepare your live video set-up ahead of time
  2. Test your equipment
  3. Prepare a general walkthrough of how things will go. In live video, you never know what will happen, but being prepared is essential to success.
  4. Interact with your viewing public while you’re streaming. It may be easier to have others read the comments and hand them off to you to chat about. enter site go to site buying viagra jakarta policy analysis paper see url sports chiropractic center business plan brand name cialis discount online no rx hand in an essay examples of research papers in apa style follow cheap scholarship essay editing sites for phd get link buy priligy no prescription thesis powerpoint theme respect in a relationship essay sildenafil 20 mg dosage essay prompts for california state universities go to site click here write a paragraph about the 1760s in the american colonies does recycling help environment essay concept paper topics enter Great Live Video Ideas

Unboxing Videos

Unboxings are great ways to engage with your audience. An “unboxing” is a type of video where an individual opens a box, takes out the contents and completes any assembly required.  

Imagine receiving your spring product collection. Unboxing the contents can show the viewers the new items available in your store. If you have equipment or furniture that require installation, building an unboxing video that includes set up may be the way to go. Another idea is to “unbox” letters and mail items from customers and clients (with their permission, of course!).


  1. Make sure your unboxing goes as smoothly as possible. It’s okay to practice ahead of time on another box.
  2. You’re the subject matter expert on your own items. If viewers see you struggle with finding “panel A” and “slot B”, it won’t endear them to your product. Practice ahead of time.
  3. Safety instructions are important. Don’t discredit yourself by bypassing safety standards in installation, unboxing, etc. You represent your company, and that type of behavior reflects poorly on your company’s quality control.

Q&A/FAQ Videos

A Q&A/FAQ video is simple to accomplish. It can be a regular segment where you answer one question a week, or an in depth dive into a specific subject.


  1. Keep these short and to the point.
  2. You can either use questions you already have in place or ask questions during the live event. Have a list of questions with answers on standby for those dead spots where you get limited interaction.


Hosting a tour video is another great option. You can set up a tour of your work space, the factory, your shop, the calendar at your desk, and more.


  1. All confidential information must be covered and/or hidden. Your clients want to feel safe in your hands.
  2. The way you show yourself is the way you’ll be remembered. Neat and tidy are more than just a suggestion here. You’re representing your business.
  3. Keep the tour short. Walking through your entire building isn’t necessary (and can be nausea-inducing). Keep these short and sweet.

These were just some ideas to get you started. What live videos have you enjoyed? Let us know in comments.