In a time when reviews and knowledge can be found with the touch of a finger, massage therapists can’t rely on word-of-mouth alone to help them find customers. Your online reputation matters, but how do you get a positive reputation established?

We’ve listed some of the best practices to put you on the right track.

Keep Branding Consistent

You want to connect with the community you want to serve, and they want consistency and trust. Consistent branding is essential. Branding is about more than your color scheme or logo. It’s the voice of your company, the way you interact with your customers, the consistency in your style and voice. It’s also found in the way you deal with complaints and poor reviews.

Arguing with a negative reviewer will almost always make your company appear guilty, as though you’re trying to hide something. That perception can haunt your brand. If there are complaints, handle them graciously and offer to have them contact you or the appropriate member of your business so that they can work through their grievances.

Remember that there is someone else on the other side of the screen. It’s been said that “The Internet is forever,” and that’s very true: screenshots and video capture can immortalize an embarrassing moment for your company.

There are two things you should accept: the first is that you will receive negative feedback from time to time. Secondly, that negative feedback can be a blessing in disguise. Look for consistent complaints about situations, therapists, styles, scheduling, etc., and address those as soon as possible.

Profile Listings and Websites

Your customers need to be able to find you online. That’s why it’s imperative that you go to profile listings such as Google My Business, Yelp, and more.

Email Marketing

Let’s talk about permission-based marketing. You can use lead pages and funnels to gain customers in your business. Automating this process can save you manpower. Creating email drip campaigns can also leave a lasting impression.

Remember that these opt-ins are the equivalent of a digital handshake. Would you shake a stranger’s hand and give them your full name, address, phone number, email, and date of birth? Probably not, right? Keep your opt-in forms limited to the information you require.

Social Media

The social media connection is one you can’t ignore. There has never been a time where it was easier to share content and suggestions. Your happy clients can become your advocates. Your social media channels are an effective form of word-of-mouth.

Be Personable

You need to remember that a personal connection comes from the human part of the equation. Massage therapy is a deeply personal experience. The way you make your prospects feel online can affect their expectations when they visit your business.

Your online reputation is important for your business.

If you’re not sure where your business stands when it comes to your online reputation, we’re here to help. Contact us today and schedule your 30-minute discovery session. It’s a free, personalized assessment. Beat the competition by taking the first step today.