Google has changed the way they do reviews. In the Google My Business platform anonymous posting is no longer an option. In a survey conducted by BrightLocal, only 3% of Google reviews were anonymous, so there should be little change to your business. The difference, according to BrightLocal, is less than 0.2 stars on average.

How Does This Help Your Business?

  • Your Google My Business listing is essential. It’s part of Google’s network, so making sure your information is accurate and up-to-date can push your marketing efforts more than you think.
  • Google My Business is free, so it provides all the information for your customers. In addition, those reviews show up immediately in search engine results. Anonymous reviews were usually taken with a grain of salt, so having solid names and identities behind your reviews can go farther in the trust department.
  • Interacting with reviewers takes a new step. Now that you have a name behind the review, it’s easier for you to connect. Anonymous reviews are always hard because there is no guarantee that they’ll be able to see your responses, especially if they were upset about an aspect of your business. Now that you have a name (and a way for them to receive notifications on your responses), you can connect with them much easier.
  • Your reviews have more trust with names behind them, so share your Google reviews across all of your platforms.
  • Help your customers find your Google reviews. We’ve mentioned this before in a few articles. This one explains how to use Google to leverage your reviews.

Now that anonymous reviews are no longer an option, your business will be able to connect with your reviewers in a more direct manner. If you’re not sure where to begin, we have a great article on setting up your Google My Business.