Asking for online reviews can be nerve-wracking. Even if you know you did a great job, you’re afraid that you’re going to annoy your clients or make things awkward by bringing it up.

Sometimes, you work up the guts to just go for it and then . . . nothing. Your client never logs on to leave the review and you have to keep reminding and reminding and reminding.

It almost seems better to not have reviews at all than to go through the process of begging for them.

But guess what? No matter how weird it makes you feel, asking for reviews is totally worth it! Research shows that asking for reviews yields higher star ratings than just waiting for clients to do it on their own.

If a 5-star review sounds better to you than a 3-star review, keep reading. I’ll go over some quick tips for easily asking for reviews without creating any uncomfortable moments:

Ask for reviews in person

If you still do face-to-face meetings, they are a great opportunity to set the stage. Right off the bat, before you do any business, say something like, “If you’re happy with my product/service, I’d appreciate a good review.” Let your client know that you’ll be sending out an email link later that they can use to click through to your website, Google, or social media profile.

Once your transaction is complete, send out a review request template via email. Your in-person request will still be in your client’s mind, and they’re more likely to follow through and click on that link.

Create a review form

If your business has a physical location, you can leave review forms in high-traffic areas, such as the lobby or check-out counter. Alternately, you can attach them to customers’ receipts or pack them up with shipments if you mail out orders.

Add a review widget to your website

Today, many people choose to do business online rather than go to a physical location. Make it easy for your online customers to leave a review by including a widget in a prominent place on your website. When a visitor clicks on the link, it will open a review form where they can leave their thoughts, and which you can link to your most popular review sites.

Automate requests

By automating reviews, you can ensure your clients receive requests while transactions are still fresh in their minds. Automating can be done by setting up trigger events. For example, every time a customer completes a purchase using your online shopping cart, they can be sent an email with links to your review sites.

Bottom line

Asking for reviews is easier than you think. Thanks to technology, you can now solicit testimonials without an awkward conversation. And chances are, if your client had a great experience, they’d love to tell others all about it!