Far too many business owners save celebrations for special times like anniversaries or huge sales milestones. Work is often viewed as something they have to do, as in, “I have to work to pay the bills,” or “I have to work to support my family.”

But owning a business is so much more than that! Every single day is filled with legitimate wins – big and small – and they deserve to be celebrated. Here are five small ways you can add more fun into your work life:

Plan Some “Me” Time

Planning some time off might seem like a counterintuitive way to celebrate business success, but trust me – you deserve it! Celebrating business success doesn’t have to mean office parties or cake in the work kitchen. You work hard and a little time away from the daily grind can help refresh you both mentally and physically (maybe leading to even bigger success!) Some ideas include:

  • A nice day hike on your favorite trails
  • A spa day (who doesn’t love the mani/pedi/massage trifecta?)
  • A guilt-free day at home with your favorite things, whether that’s Netflix and a bottle of wine, or sitting on the porch with your dog

Treat Yourself

Sometimes the best way to pat yourself on the back is with a little treat. Is there something you’ve been dying to buy but you didn’t want to be “frivolous?” Well, allow yourself a little frivolity as a reward and go get that expensive new hardcover book, that great pair of shoes, or those Stones tickets you’ve been dying to get since you were in high school.

Plan An Experience

Treat yourself and your staff by planning a fun day for everyone. Take everyone to the zoo for the day, plan a fun happy hour with the crew, or rent out the go-kart track. Whatever makes you happy! It’s a fun way to celebrate your business success and a great opportunity for team bonding.

Bottom line? Your business is often your life . . . and life should be fun! Acknowledge your accomplishments and celebrate a little more often.