Today, every business needs to build an online presence to be successful. That is especially true when it comes to chiropractors.

It’s no longer enough to take out an ad in the Yellow Pages or a billboard. Even TV and radio spots are starting to fade out. Now, even word-of-mouth is carried more by online sources.

Here’s what you need to do as a chiropractor to grow your online presence and build a stronger practice:

  • Blogs — Many times, customers don’t just start searching immediately for a chiropractor. They may go to Google and look for articles to self-diagnose their pains. When they do this, you can be the source they go to. By writing blogs that deal with issues in your field—everything from posture to chiropractic advances—you are establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Patients will connect your name and practice with the field and remember you when it comes time to schedule an appointment.
  • Search Engine Optimization — Another reason why the blogs are so important is they help you optimize your search engine results. If someone searches for chiropractors in your city, you want your name to pop up first. But this won’t happen if you don’t have a fast website that is optimized for mobile viewing. And you need lots of blogs linked to that site to help generate traffic. All of this goes into Google’s algorithm and helps you get ranked higher.
  • Testimonials — Another thing that will lend credibility to your online presence is the customer testimonial. Have former customers give you more than an anonymous review. Ask them if they can be featured prominently on your website as success stories for how your practice was able to help them. Video testimonials can really help sell the personal side of your practice.
  • Appointment Options — One of the strongest things you can feature on your website is a button allowing patients to book an appointment. This gives them an immediate chance to schedule your services as easily as possible.

An online presence is something that takes time to cultivate. But if you can do it properly, you will bring in many new patients that will truly help you grow your business.