In our last blog, we talked about setting New Year’s resolutions for your business – and if you followed my advice, you’re probably already working on plenty of things to make your business healthy.

But did you know that the best thing you can do for your business is to take care of you? What are you doing to keep yourself happy and healthy?

Self-Care is Important for Success

Most driven, hard-working people will tell you that taking care of themselves plays an important role in their success. Why? Because they know that when you’re tired and burnt out, you can’t perform to the best of your abilities.

A recent study by Porch (a free network that connects homeowners with contractors) found that highly successful people are more likely to eat a healthy breakfast, meal prep, limit technology before bed, and go to sleep early. They also make their beds more often than the average person and do their dishes immediately after using them . . . so maybe file that under “not fun, but necessary?”

I know you’re wondering where anyone, especially a successful business person, is supposed to find the time to do all that, but guess what? You DO have the time (even if you don’t realize it).

We All Have Time for Self-Care

Being healthy doesn’t take a huge time commitment. In fact, it’s often just a matter of making a different choice than the one you’re already making. For instance, you could:

  • Have a yogurt and berries for breakfast instead of a donut
  • Take the stairs at work in lieu of the elevator
  • Walk in place while you’re on the phone, rather than sitting at your desk

Simple decisions, all of them. Yet when you make those little choices every day, they can add up and make a huge difference.

It’s Not All or Nothing

Many people feel that if they can’t spend an hour doing something, it’s not worth doing at all. But in reality, you can get a lot done in five minutes. For instance, meditating for as little as one minute at a time has been shown to be effective – it’s all about making a practice and setting your intention.

Other things you can get done in just a few minutes? Stretching exercises, some restorative yoga poses, a calming breathing sequence, a quick walk around the block. If you stop to think about it, the options are really limitless – and the payoff well worth it.

Bottom line? Taking care of yourself and making sure you’re the best you can be is key to creating and maintaining a successful business. Make the time wherever you can.