There is no doubt that Google is king when it comes to search engine trust. Their brand identity is second to none, and that means that reviews of your business mean more than ever before.

Promote Your Request for Google Reviews

You have to ask for reviews to get them. Your customers and clients want to help spread the word about your company, but if you don’t lead them to the place you need it the most, they’ll move on to something else.

Guided promotions, handouts, e-mail campaigns, website headers (or pop-ups), and more can work wonders for advertising your needs. Take it one step further and supply a link for customers to click through.

Google makes this so much easier with their review link option. They tell you how to do it step-by-step here. Once you set up your link, you’ll have a unique URL for your business that will display a pop-up review window. This allows the customer to immediately write their Google review of your company.

Quick Tip: Add the Google Icon to your social media links. Also, consider having a “Review Us” page or section where you have links to your preferred review sites.

Ask For Reviews from Your Customers

You can and should ask your customers and clients to leave reviews.

There are two things you must keep in mind:

  1. You cannot offer compensation in any form to individuals, groups, or companies in exchange for writing a review about you. Don’t try to create a loophole or bypass this. You will be penalized without warning by Google and other search engines for violating their review terms of service.
  2. You can ask those who left positive reviews on other sites like Yelp, Amazon, Facebook, etc. to leave reviews on Google. This is ethical and allowable within the terms of Google’s service.

Pay Attention to the Negative Reviews

You may not like negative reviews (who does?), but you need to read and analyze them anyway. Look for underlying themes and repetitive points of concern. If you start addressing the common complaints from your reviews, you can only improve as you go.

Be sure to respond to reviews as well. We have a fantastic article that guides you through the process. If responding to reviews, in general, makes you nervous, we go in-depth on how to set up a review matrix to help you get through the process.

Google is where most searches begin when it comes to online research for a product, service, or idea. Reviews of your business on Google may be the first thing prospects see about your company, so you want to be sure you look your best. Make the changes you need today to take control of your online reputation.