What is brand personality? It’s an identity that reflects your company’s values, goals, and mission. It allows you to communicate with your audience in a professional way, while also showcasing your humor and wit. Cultivating personality can be tough, but the payoff is huge: nothing breeds engagement and loyalty like personality can.

And guess what? Even if you don’t cultivate a brand personality, one will come through. It just might not be the one you intended. So, do you want to leave it up to chance? Or would you rather actively work on building a personality that truly reflects your business? I vote for option #2.

Here’s how to do it:

Know Who You Are

You can’t tell your audience who you are until you know who you are. Are you funny and relaxed, or serious and professional? Whacky and zany or geeky and tech-savvy? While you may be a jokester in real life, you might find that it’s not suited to business. You have to sit down and assess what it is that you’re selling, or what solution you’re offering, and how to best convey that to your audience.

Stay Consistent

Once you’ve decided on a voice for your brand, the best thing you can do is stay consistent. Every blog post you write, photo you share, or article you curate should reflect that personality and project the same tone. When you stray from your path, it can confuse your audience and leave them unsure of who you are.

Get Personal

Consumers today don’t want to do business with a faceless corporation. They want real people that they can relate to and build relationships with.  That’s why it’s important to not only share professional materials but also give your audience a glimpse behind the scenes. Show them your office, post photos from company events, or talk to them about the causes you support. Providing this inside glimpse helps reinforce your brand personality and creates a real connection with your customers and prospects.

Get Feedback

So, now it’s your turn. If you haven’t already thought about brand personality, it’s time to get started. Don’t be afraid to get creative in thinking of ways to make your brand stand out.

Finally, listen to your audience. You may feel like you’ve cultivated a great brand personality, but it may not resonate with your fans. That’s okay! Listen to what they say and adjust as needed. The entire point, after all, is to build relationships with people.