Think it’s too late to set a New Year’s resolution? Think again! January is the perfect time to look back and assess the prior year. Think about what went well (and what didn’t) for your business in the past 12 months.

Would you like a better work/life balance? Increased success? The five resolutions I’ve listed below will help you do both. 

  1. Grow your team and delegate more

As business owners, we wear dozens of different hats every day: marketing, human resources, IT, and more. And that’s all on top of our actual jobs. Yet, we often wonder why we’re so tired and never have time to spend on ourselves.

News flash! No one is meant to do it all on their own. Think about what you really love in your business and resolve to focus on those one or two things . . . then delegate the busy work to someone else so you can be awesome at what you do.

  • Improve your online presence

Have you put your social media on the back burner? Pushed your blog to the side? Don’t! Your online presence is the one thing you don’t want to neglect.

An online presence can make or break a business (especially a small business). Why? When you’re out there competing against the big guys, it’s important to carve yourself a niche and build a relationship with your audience. Social media, blogs, and newsletters are all crucial in creating that sense of community and building trust.

  • Invest in personal development

Many of the greatest leaders in the world make it a point to constantly learn new things –  Warren Buffet, for example, reads 500 pages a day. Learning something new, whether it’s related to work or not, expands your knowledge base and makes you a more valuable business partner.

Like many business owners, however, you’re probably wondering where you’ll find the time for reading a book (or taking a class). The answer is, you just have to do it. Work it into your daily schedule and fully commit that time for learning. (Or, perhaps, delegate so you can free up a few minutes!)

  • Put “me time” on the calendar

One more thing you just have to commit to? Time for yourself. Many business owners don’t realize that success demands time out. All work and no play leaves you drained, frazzled, and unable to focus. Whether it’s a weekly hike or coffee with a friend, it’s SO important that you make some time for you.

  • Learn to say “No”

Say no and say it often. Small business owners often say “yes” to things they don’t want to do (or don’t have time to do) for fear of angering a client or losing out on money, but that’s a path to destruction. By spreading yourself too thin, you not only diminish the quality of your work, but you lose out on that all-important “me time.”

Looking Ahead

Achieving a better work/life balance and striving for success don’t have to be mutually exclusive. With some proper planning, it is possible to do it all.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions in your business that I didn’t cover? Let me know in comments!