Creating a social media marketing strategy for the holiday season can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite tips and strategies to make your holiday season less stressful and more festive.

Look at Last Year

What did you do last year that was effective? What did your competitors do last year? Look at your history to see your reach and engagement. Take notes on what worked and what didn’t.

Dress Up for the Holidays

Your brand can get festive, too. Decorate your cover photos and profiles with seasonal text and imagery. Get creative, but make sure your brand is still prominently displayed. It’s the perfect time to go visual and use holiday images to build a sense of fun and festivity.

Hashtags and Special Offers

Use popular hashtags to get your content in front of shoppers that use Instagram or Twitter. Some of the most popular ones get a lot of attention: #wishlist, #BlackFridaySales, #Christmas2018, #Wishlist2018, and more. It’s also a great way to combine a special offer. Special offers can be used on any platform, but combining it with a hashtag gives it its own identity.

Run a Poll

You can create a festive poll for your social media accounts. You can compare two of your products against each other or ask your followers about something else that falls under the festive umbrella. They can be fun and festive, but this is an excellent opportunity to grab practical knowledge of your audience.

Push Kindness

It’s important to share wonderful stories and experiences that celebrate the holiday spirit. The holiday season is the perfect time to say thank you to your customers and clients for their support and love.

Support Local

Work with a local business this holiday season. There are plenty of charity events and holiday events close by that would love your show of support.

Utilize New Media Options

Instagram Stories is a great place to promote a contest or event. Facebook Live can be used for live trivia events or festive storytelling.

Package for Savings

Bundling up your products can be an excellent way to market through the holidays. It’s far easier on an already over-stimulated buying customer to pick a gift basket for Dad than to individually select items from different locations. If you combine this with the poll option listed above, you can even find out what people are looking for and package accordingly.

When you set up your marketing strategy don’t forget to schedule and prepare ahead of time. You want to promote upcoming sales and events before they happen so that your viewing audience can prepare accordingly.