If you’re a dental patient in any major city, there’s some good news for you: You literally have hundreds of options to choose from. But if you are one of the dentists trying to make your practice stand out from the crowd, then this is far from good news.

In fact, your competition can be quite difficult, and you have to worry about how to bring in more patients.

Here are three ways that you can improve your dental marketing to help grow your practice:

  1. Create Content — One of the best ways to improve your marketing plan is to improve your search engine ranking. If you are a dentist in Atlanta, let’s say, then you want your business to appear as one of the top google searches when someone types in “Atlanta Dentists.” If you are on the second page or later, then you aren’t going to get lots of business. One way to fix this is to market your business by starting a blog. Each time you post a blog, you are creating content that can bring in more readers and, conversely, more patients. The creation of regular useful content can help move your rankings up the Google search ladder.
  • Get Reviews — Another piece of the marketing puzzle is the review. Today, many people will selectively shop online by reading reviews until they find the dentist that they are most comfortable with. If you don’t have lots of reviews, if your reviews are all negative, or if they are all outdated, then people are likely going to skip over you. Instead, encourage your regular patients to post positive reviews online. This will generate word-of-mouth marketing that can bring in more clients. Also, don’t ignore negative reviews. Engage the posters respectfully and offer to assist in fixing the problem they wrote about. This will show that you care about making things right.
  • Update Your Business Listing — One of the other things you can do is to make sure that your business listing with Google is updated. That way, when someone searches for you, the box will appear on the right-hand side of the browser with a picture of your practice, information such as hours and location (with a link to Google Maps), and a sampling of reviews.

If you try these three marketing ideas for your practice, then you will be well on your way to promoting your business with prospective dental patients. These three areas can help you to stand out from the rest and stay competitive in today’s market.